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Book Vs Movie Podcast

Jul 27, 2020

Book Vs Movie

The African Queen

The C.S. Forester Novel  Vs the John Houston Classic Film


We are feeling the heat and humidity of summer in the city so the Margos decided to have some fun and travel to Africa for early 20th Century adventure with The African Queen by C.S. Forester. The book was published in 1935...

Jul 20, 2020


Book Vs Movie

Blue Crush

The Susan Orlean Article Vs the Kate Bosworth 2002 Film


The Margos are ready to hit the beach with this episode devoted to surfing in Hawaii. In 1998 Susan Orlean penned Life’s Swell in Outside magazine talked about a group of Maui girls who loved to surf and dealt with poverty and sexism...

Jul 13, 2020


Book Vs Movie

Total Recall

The Philip K. Dick Short Story  Vs the Arnold Schwarzenegger 1990 Film


If memory serves, this is the first movie the Margos are covering that stars action star, Arnold Schwarzenegger. This time we are visiting Mars and it is nothing like David Bowie would have enjoyed. 1990’s Total...