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Book Vs Movie Podcast

Sep 29, 2019


Book Vs Movie 

Practical Magic

Alice Hoffman 1995 Novel Vs the 1998 Cult Classic Film


The Margos are feeling very witchy in this episode dedicated to Alice Hoffman’s novel Practical Magic and the 1998 adaptation from director/actor Griffin Dunne. This is one of the most requested subjects in our five-year history and we had a ball talking about the 90s look and feel from the film. 

The story revolves around the Owens sisters (Sally & Gillian) who come from a long line of witches in their Massachusetts town and experience bullying and taunting from the locals. Sally becomes introverted as a result while Sally goes a little wild and takes off as a teenager. Sally & Gillian have a bond that is strong and when Gillian comes home in deep trouble--the women use their powers to vanquish their foe. 

The film features the shiniest hair imaginable and a soundtrack that practically screams “90s!” So between book and film, which did we like better? 

Click the link at the bottom to find out. 

In this ep the Margos discuss:

Clips Featured:

  • Practical Magic  trailer
  • Aunt Jet & Aunt Francis create a potion
  • Detective Hallet flirts with Sally Owens
  • Outro music Coconut by Harry Nilsson 

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